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BenchArt Award

Bench Art In 2009 the laboratory received from the Region of Lombardy, during the event "Artigiano in fiera", the important and prestigious BenchArt award, which resulted in the inclusion of the top 40 companies in Lombardy for quality.

A company profile was published in the index "Repertorio imprese eccellenti della Lombardia 2009".

A browsable online version of the index can be seen here:

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The awards ceremony

BenchArt Project

The project "BenchArt" is promoted by the Lombardy Region and "Unioncamere Lombardia" in collaboration with the artisan associations of Lombardy (Casartigiani, CLAAI, Confartigianato and CNA) and the operational coordination of Ecipa Lombardia.

BenchArt aims to reward those companies that are characterized by an efficient organization, attention to the environment in their production processes or the high degree of product innovation and / or process innovation, while promoting those who wish to follow continuous improvement.

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