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Lab biography

Marco Genovese Marco Genovese was born in Milan, where he lives and works, on 07/09/1965. He began working at the age of 14 and obtained a diploma at the dental institute Cesare Correnti in 1984.

From that period he began working with renowned laboratories in Milan and is involved in several training courses, but his growth must be attributed primarily to the professional work experience in the laboratory of Renato Fellow as an employee.

In 1998 he founded his own lab with the aim of forming a highly motivated and competent team able to create prostheses of excellence.

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Human resource management:
The team, our real strength

Clear, shared and standard objectives and procedures, relevant to the characteristics of each employee, provide the guidance and the basis for the business management and are a prerequisite in order to provide a uniform quality prothesis.

The staff is highly accurate, reliable and competent, and each member has a well-defined role and responsibility area, and will produce following protocols in an innovative working environment but supported by ample experience.

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Conducted courses

During his training, Marco Genovese completed numerous training courses, among which the most important is the theoretical and practical course of "fixed prosthesis" in the year 2006/07 in Bologna with Roberto Bonfiglioli, and Dr. Di Febo.
During this course, the laboratory gained significant technical and managerial skills, and reached a level of know-how that allows, through an optimized management of resources and a precise organization of work, to get to the finished product on time, while maintaining the high level of quality which is the fundamental premise of the laboratory philosophy.

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