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Our goal is excellence

Marco Genovese Dental Lab was founded in 1998 with a specific purpose: to train a team of professionals that achieves excellent custom dentistry medical devices manufacturing, to ensure its customers ultimate satisfaction.

Following this philosophy, the company has always chosen not to operate in terms of cost reduction, only carefully selected materials are used, and the stages of production are codified and standardized by a careful control and risk analysis for each single operation.

Certified competence and quality

Reliability, punctuality and professionalism in laboratory management make us highly competitive. We work every day with a spirit of true collaboration with our clients by assisting them in the design stage about the best techniques to adopt for the work execution.
The optimization of the processing time permits us to offer a high and consistent level of quality, with an excellent quality/price ratio.

The prosthesis quality is ensured by carefully selected materials and the professionalism and competence of staff that is involved through participation in periodic meetings, during which the various phases of production are reviewed and discussed.

Thanks to these features, which are the foundations of our work, the laboratory received the prestigious BenchArt award in 2009 by the Lombardia region, thus becoming part of the first 40 companies in the region in terms of quality.